1. Science and Technology of Coal Mining
• Exploration and Valuation
• Basin Mining
• Mechanized Excavation and Support Applications
• Coal Preparation and Beneficiation
• Ultra Clean Coal Technologies
• Coal Burning Technologies and Energy Production
• Use of Coking Coal in Iron and Steel Industry
• Drilling and Blasting Techniques
• Modeling and Computer Applications
• Undersea Mining
• Open Pit Mining
• Mining and Environment


2. Occupational Health and Safety in Coal Mining
• Ventilation
• Mine Support
• Spontaneous Combustion, Gas and Dust Explosions
• Occupational Accidents and Diseases
• Noise, Vibration, Lighting and Climatization
• Respirable Dust and Pneumoconiosis
• Legislation and Applications Concerning Occupational Health and Safety
• Risk Management and Evaluation Methods in Mining
• Rescue, Emergency and Crisis Management  


3. Economic Policy and Social Problems in Coal Mining
• Coal Mining from Past to Present
• Privatization in Mining
• Production and Consumption Policies
• Labor and Mining Law
• Socio-Economic and Cultural Life in Coal Towns
• Problems of Coal Enterprises
• Education of Mining Engineers and Mine Staff
• Trends in Coal Markets
• Mining Legislation